Obagi Nu Derm Transformation System

Transform your skin with a complete prescription-dispensed system by Obagi. Aims to help improve visible signs of skin ageing, pigmentation, poor tone and texture and clogged pores which can lead to breakouts. You are provided with a comprehensive kit and an individual treatment plan to follow. You will receive as many complimentary review sessions as necessary where progress can be discussed and any amendments made.

Daily sun exposure can contribute to skin appearing dull and the turnover of older damaged skin cells becoming significantly reduced. The Nu derm Transformation System will address this on a cellular level to reveal younger, healthier skin both inside and out.

The initial treatment phase will last for approx 6-18 weeks depending on our treatment goals . We will re asses progress at regular intervals and then transition onto a maintenance regime to keep your transformed skin at its best. This will be different for every individual depending on their original concerns and lifestyle factors. This treatment may be used to prepare skin to achieve the optimum base for subsequent procedures, or can be used as stand alone product. It is one of my personal favourites!

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