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Emma York Clinic uses a wide range of medical grade skin care products. Each one of these has been tested and selected personally by Emma to ensure we offer the most effective and proven products. Some of these are prescription only so the precise usage and dose will be calculated for your specific skincare needs.

Many people underestimate the importance and outcomes you can achieve with good quality skincare. It is the fundamental basis that everyone should invest in prior to undertaking any procedures or treatments. You would never try and fix a machine using faulty parts and our skin is no different. If there are areas we want to address with treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers, yet the basic building blocks of our skin are not in optimum condition, then we are not going to achieve the best possible outcome from the treatments. So it is a crucial first step, and I can assure you that you will be pleasantly surprised at the effect medical grade skin care can have.

Our tailored skincare plans analyse every aspect of the skin from the superficial layer down to the deep cellular structures. We then select products to repair, rejuvenate, protect and maintain. Ensuring skin quality is at its best prior to undertaking any aesthetic treatments will help to achieve the best possible outcome. These products are not sold on the high street and differ from your regular skin products in that the concentrations and ingredients are higher and work on different levels of the skin structure. For this reason we will always review your skincare at regular intervals and adjust it accordingly as we achieve your desired outcome. Within weeks of using medical grade skincare you will feel a positive impact on your skin.

Watch this space as I am working on a new online shop of all my favourite products up and running very soon..... the meantime please do contact me for product requests and prices and I can arrange a consultation if necessary or ship directly to you.

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