Skin Peel Treatments

Skin Peels

What are skin peels and what types do we use?

Peels offer an effective way to treat a number of common skin problems or can be used for simple facial rejuvenation. We treat acne/congestion, sun damage and pigmentation as well as reducing the signs of ageing and producing a smoother more even skin tone and texture. We offer a range of skin peels from a light rejuvenating peel right through to greater depth peels. Peels use different types of acid which will penetrate the skin to different levels. Common peel ingredients include salicylic and glycolic acid and then there are the deeper ones such as TCA.

During your initial consultation we will assess your skin and recommend the best one for you. We will also discuss skincare as this is one of the most important steps you can take to enhance, repair and protect your skin. We work with a number of medical grade skin care ranges which have been tried and tested by Emma personally to ensure the best outcomes for her clients.

How do skin peels work?

Many common skin problems are caused by a build up of dead skin cells and sebum on the surface of this skin. This creates a layer known as the stratum corneum. As this layer thickens it can create dull and congested skin which loses its radiance. Peels penetrate this thick layer of dead skin cells and exfoliate in order to leave bright, fresh and rejuvenated skin. The pores are cleansed and debris is removed which will reduce blackheads and breakouts. This will also speed up the cell turnover within our skin which can slow down dramatically with age. The faster the cell turnover the more collagen and elastin we have within our skin which creates a youthful rejuvenated look with an even tone. Peels will help bring back that desirable ‘glow’ to the skin.

Within your skin are cells called melanocytes and these are responsible for the pigment in your skin. When these are damaged we get noticeable pigmentation on the surface of the skin in the form of darker patches and blemishes. Using prescription medical products, along with peels can work to break this pigmentation down and suppress it, leaving the skin looking more even and smooth.

How are skin peels administered and what results can I expect?

Peels come in the form of a solution applied directly to the skin so that product particles can penetrate into the problem areas. The depth of penetration will depend on the type of peel used. Some of the deeper peels may require skin preparation using prescription medical products to achieve optimum results. Skin peel treatments usually take approximately 30-60 minutes and you will be provided with aftercare advice following your treatment. We will discuss how best to maintain the results using both products and maintenance peels.

How many skin peels will I need and how long will the effects last?

We usually recommend a course of 4-6 peels for best results then you may switch to a maintenance regime and have one periodically throughout the year. This will help to maintain the great results we have achieved. Alternatively, you may want to simply ‘freshen up’ for a special occasion and have a one-off peel. We will discuss which peel is most suitable for your skin type and how many you are likely to need.

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