Is there such thing as ‘sensitive skin’?

Is there such thing as ‘sensitive skin’???

In! on to find out more....👇🏼

One of the most common complaints I hear from my clients is that their skin is ‘very sensitive’. Frustrations that products cause irritation, redness, breakouts, inflammation, stinging and so on.

If you are one of these people you will be pleased to hear that ‘sensitive skin’ is not a clinical diagnosis. It is merely the result of an underlying issue. And the best news is we can fix it! It’s very important to do this as it's the skin showing you on the outside it’s unhappy....which means it’s even more unhappy inside.

The best way to view sensitive skin is to see it as a cry for help! Your skin desperately needs some assistance to restore its functions and enable it to repair and protect itself. Then it can come down from its heightened state and reveal its natural beauty.

For skin to look healthy inside and out it is crucial that it all components work in harmony. Skin is made up of several layers which all perform their own specific jobs. You will have heard of the dermis and the epidermis. Contained within these layers are cells and structures which perform the following -

✅ Natural hydration

✅ Regulation of oil/sebum

✅ Shedding of dead skin cells

✅ Collagen & Elastin production

✅ Protection from free radical damage

✅ Production of new skin cells

✅ Maintaining even skin tone, colour & texture

It’s a huge complex system which relies on all parts working in synergy. When it’s not we end up with the label ‘sensitive skin’ and some of these accompanying complaints below -

❌ Skin barrier is affected and the skin will not hydrate itself so it can become dry and flaky.

❌ Cell migration slows down so the skin is not shedding itself which leads to a build up of dead cells and a thickened surface which looks dull.

❌ Melanocytes (cells responsible for producing pigment) can become damaged and result in visible pigmentation on the skin.

❌ Sebum production can go into overdrive, pores become clogged and bacteria can become trapped within which can lead to breakouts and pimples.

❌ The skin will become red and intolerant to products which are put on it, it will appear hyper sensitive.

At this point many label their skin as ‘sensitive’ and then pretty much avoid applying anything to it. Which is really only going to inflame the situation.

So how do we fix it? 🤔

It is crucial to go back to basics. You need to give your skin help to repair, rejuvenate and protect itself. Many find skincare regimes confusing and they don’t know where to start.

One of the best skincare ranges I’ve discovered for addressing this in a simple but effective way is ZO skin health. They have produced an excellent starter regime to give your skin everything it needs. Once on the basic regime you can then add in any additional products to target specific concerns as and when required. But you never veer off from the basic steps your skin needs to be able to perform as it should. Each skin maturation cycle takes about 6 weeks. So this is the minimum amount of time it will take to allow the repair and normalisation to commence.

Dr Zein Obagi who formulated this range is an absolute expert in all aspects of skin. He has the science behind it spot on and this shows in the fantastic results with these products. We cannot underestimate the transformation that medical grade skincare can produce. Once you try it you’ll never go back!

So the basic fundamentals are....




Protect + Correct

Once you’ve strengthened the skin barrier you can then add in your specifics to treat certain conditions, if required. For example pigmentation, rosacea, anti ageing, acne, brightening. When adding in the targeting solutions you may experience some mild side effects such as redness and flaking when you start adding these products but this is such a good sign!! It doesn’t mean you are intolerant to them. It shows it’s working and that your skin is finally fixing itself. So bare with it as the results are on their way!

If you are interested in finding out more about how to get your skin onto an excellent basic routine please contact me to book in for a virtual or physical consultation (as soon as we are allowed following the government guidelines!).

You can email, call or message me for further details and I will be more than happy to assist. Products can be sent directly to your door so you don’t even have to leave the house to give your skin what it craves 📦.

You have one skin.....look after it and give it what it deserves!

By Emma York


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